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The flat rate is 20.00 per hour, and would include the mixed and mastered CD copy of the recording. As a guide, a well rehearsed band could record/mix/master 3 songs in 8 hours.

PC running Cubase SX, Numerous Plug-ins and Soft Synths, including T-Racks and Waves  mastering s/w.                                                                                                                                                                                

I can record you in your own environment or at a gig if you prefer. Rates as per Studio plus travel costs. Mixing and mastering would be carried out back in the studio,


I have been a semi-professional musician for over 25 years, and involved in recording for 15 years, so I can work quickly and effectively with musicians/bands. My mixes have been heard on local and national radio stations, and everyone who has recorded at Farmtracks has been delighted with the finished product. 

'Your mixes just seem to have that extra something!' - Andy Frost - Bassist/Vocalist with the Andy Frost Band.

'Probably the best recording I have ever been involved with' - Chris Crowhurst - Drummer with Rod's Faces.

'The agent I sent your recording to commented highly on the quality of the mix' - Pat Sutton Singer Songwriter.

Crest Audio 24 Channel X-4 Mixing Desk, Dynaudio BM15 Monitors, 24 Channels I/O MOTU 1296, 4 additional Channels of Sytek Mic Pres, Rode Valve Mic, Rode NT1, Oktava MC012 x 2, Numerous other Mics, Joe Meek compressors, Lexicon Reverb, Yamaha Reverb, DBX gates, Amcron Monitor Amp, Focusrite Compressors, Isolated Drum Booth, Professional CD recorder. POD Pro, Engl Screamer Combo.


Farmtracks is a small facility offering high quality digital recording at reasonable rates, including mixing and mastering. Location recording is also offered where the client prefers his own 'ambience', as is 'Live' gig recording if required. A high quality 3KW PA hire service is also available - see PA Hire section below.



3KW FOH Tannoy Rig, with 1KW Monitors, Crest Audio or Soundcraft Desk, C-Audio Pulse amps, Mics, Stands etc. From 150 with Engineer.



New Strings, New Skins, and know the songs!

Andy Frost Band - Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Farmtracks

Rods Faces - Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Farmtracks

Pat Sutton - Recorded, Mixed, Produced, and Mastered at Farmtracks

Dean Farnell - Arranged, Mixed, Produced, and Mastered at Farmtracks